My Debut Novel ‘The Time Company’ Is Now Available!


This is the post I’ve been dreaming of sharing! My first novel is real and ready! I know I’ve been sitting on the details, but finally I can tell it all!

As I mentioned in this post, I took a bookmaking class in my final semester of university. This course was the program’s big thing, and you had to be interviewed to get in (though as long as you had material and a good GPA, you were approved). Most of my class wrote nonfiction and/or compiled nonfiction stories from previous classes, but as I said, I knew I didn’t want to do that. I had my old half-baked fiction novel, and I was determined to use that. So I began the process of opening the file, reading the awful, cringy garbage I wrote in high school, fixing it up, and adding another 20k words to end the story. Then I…

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Saturday April 21, 2018

Step one: Breath.

Step two: Get up out of bed.30167460_2025831571071421_2419851015973173564_o

Step three: Rise to the challenge and kick butt! 

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Morning #happinessisachoice

Hey world,

Just thought I would try something new here on my blog.

I know I write on my Kade Cook Books blog a little more than I do here and I haven’t done any interviews in a while but today I would like to try a new trend. A more uplifting look at the day.

I have been taking pictures for a while now on my Instagram page and sending them to my Facebook family so now I have decided to share with my word press family too.

Why? Because why the hell not. 😛 So here goes folks… have a great day.


Welcome to another beautiful moment in your life. Enjoy the gift. 😊