Stranger than fiction: Amazon

Well, isn’t that strange.

Ok, so I have known the amazon spies are watching us and everyone we are connected to but I am not sure that what they find is the absolute truth.

As those of you who follow me know, I am a writer. And writers have followers. And a lot of writers I know friend a lot of other writers. Cool. Awesome. So much fun to have a group of people with similar interests. But I am wondering about this facebook/amazon connection thing.

Reason being? A few weeks ago a fellow author, which I have read and bought their books release a new novel. I, being a good reader and a lover of their words, go to leave a review and amazon informs me that I am unable due to the fact that I am somehow messing with the way they do business. I am like Ok, fine. Maybe it is because I have read some of their beta novels and have left reviews once they were released.

But I have bought the book and I have read the book, so why can I not leave a review? It is not like the author and I are best friends and hang out together. We are authors, who read other books who may or may not be ‘friends’ on facebook.

Well, today I went to go attempt to leave a review and found out that I am no longer allow to leave reviews on amazon. At all… What the H3ll??

I have never been rude, never been crude, never said anything that is uncalled for or hurtful. Honest, yes, 100%. So does this ban me from amazon?

I have emailed an inquiry into this matter and hopefully will be enlightened on wth just happened. Anyone out there have any ideas? Please shoot them my way. Because, if the trolls can write reviews, then shouldn’t legitimate readers who don’t bash authors to the point of self-loathing be allowed to write reviews even if they are on Facebook?

Sorry for the rant, just confused as heck about all this. Peace and have a great Sunday.


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