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Author Kayla Krantz

So, the launch date for Alive at Sunset is about a month away now, and I’m getting pretty excited! In the spirit of my current mood, I wanted to share some of the ARC reviews coming in!

The launch party commences on Facebook November 15th. Be sure to be there for the awesome lineup of authors scheduled to come in, talk about their books, and possibly host giveaways!

4/5 Stars:

Alive at Sunset is the second book in the Rituals of the Night YA Paranormal series. Luna has lived through the terror and death of Dead by Morning (Book 1) and has just finished up a semester at her college. Three years have passed since the events that occurred in high school and Luna, while still a loner and overachiever, has a new roommate, Amanda, and is trying to move on.
Her nemesis, Chance, is still in a coma…

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Book Review: Legacy

Author Kayla Krantz

Title: Legacy


Author: S.L. Buckley


Andraste and her dragon, Lux, are barely old enough to leave their home, yet they are running for their lives. Dragon Riders everywhere are being hunted to extinction by both known and unknown forces. Her destination is simple: reach a dragonhold for help with her injured sister and her dragon, and then get herself to her mother’s people in Hibernia and into the safety of her betrothed’s kingdom. But, only if they can survive. They are now on a journey to honor her father’s last wishes. The last thing they need is more surprises.

Fennis holds a very dark secret, one that could cost him his life if the Council learned the truth. Hidden away in the high mountains of his home, he is happy to live a simple life in Aosta. His single source of annoyance is the women his father…

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A Sacred Sanctum

I began down this road on a journey to find the creative spark that I had suppressed for so many years of being a mom with young children and the bombardment of demands that this job entails.

Somewhere in between the diapers, sleepless nights and never ending spit ups I lost myself and what made me feel alive inside.

I push through the creative process as a journey to find out who I am now. Even if it means the terrifying reality of letting strangers and friends see who I am from the inside out. It allows me to breathe when I feel suffocated by real life. It takes away all the stress and demands of the world around you, even just for the few moments you are allotted a membership into the imaginary world you’ve created, a sacred sanctum that is yours and yours alone.

It saves me from getting lost in a world that is so eager to swallow you up without a trace.

It is frightening to let someone see my creation. Yes, that part us true. But it is even more frightening to think that you have allowed yourself to disappear without ever creating it.