Writing: A Dance of Fear and Courage

My post as guest blogger on Desert Muse today. 🙂

The Desert Muses

by Kade Cook, guest blogger

Becoming a writer was not exactly on my to-do-list.

The only real daydream of something of the sort was in a creative burst long ago, an idea that came to me in my early twenties over a cup of Earl Grey, sitting in front of a fireplace after I had put my little one to bed for the night.

Somehow, after only a matter of minutes, I had managed to outline an entire novel from start to finish before my tea even got cold.

A few attempts at starting that first chapter, were fun exciting but unfortunately that is as far as my ‘writing life’ had gone. Even though I knew the story, the characters the plot, the entire world I had manifested, I was too afraid to go any further and I panicked—setting down the pencil for nearly twenty years because I didn’t know…

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