The Fallen Vampire – Book Review

Book Review – The Fallen Vampire by Beata Blitz


A spell binding tale of days caught between the old and the new. A young girl finds herself torn between the world that she is in and the world she truly belongs to. Does she follow her heart and let what she is show or stay tucked neatly beneath the cloak of what she has to be in order to fit in. A choice she has to make and suffer the consequences that come with it. 33413074

This wonderful novella is packed full of unexpected delights that accompany a fun, well written story. I love the way the author allows you the opportunity to see how the young girl, Chloe, begins her adventure with the tortures of the heart and rebellious defiance that some young people face as they begin their life’s journey into the person they will soon become. Chloe’s tale takes her far from her home into a place that it is hard to tell who is friend and who is foe. Wonderfully addictive.

Can’t wait to see how this story unfolds in the first novel, Flux and Firmament The cloud Lords.

For more on Beata Blitz or her books go to:


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